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      今天是2022年1月25日 星期二,歡迎光臨本站 安徽省農望農業科技開發有限公司 網址: www.klchuangye.com.cn

      About Us

      Anhui Provincial Nongwang Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. Is concerntrated science research, production and services. It is science and technology development company mainly developing newly type of fertilizers and intensively selling all kinds of fertilizers, agricultural inputs and machinery and agricultural produce. It has strong technical support, main management staffs have at least bachelor degrees and related professional know-how and social practical experiences. We invited many researchers and professors from China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China University of Science and Technology,AnhuiAgriculturalUniversityas the seniors technological consultants.  

      At present, our company has self-researched and developed 3 kinds of fertilizers with self-intellectual properties; those are instant leaf spray boron fertilizer, named sodium tetraborate decahydrate , soil basic boron fertilizer, named round type pellet boron fertilizer and super instant polymerization of boron potassium ; and also developed more than 20 series high efficiency and instant products such as polymerization boron, instant boron and SA Le boron by using sodium tetraborate decahydrate as main raw materials; basic and specialized boron products such as Strong Boron, More Boron, Turkish Borax, Boron and Zinc, Polymerization of boron and Potassium and “NW” etc. by using imported fine quality borax as main raw materials. All products are selecting fine quality raw materials with scientific ingredients, which can meet the nutritional requirements of plants.

      These series products are appointed as professional extension products and recommended to the society by Sino-agro Seed Co. of China Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The annual production scale is more than 8,000 tons and expanding. In terms of R&D in new products, our company has established extension network at provincial, county and village levels for fine quality products in the fast and favorite ways.

      Our company now is the professional supplier of fine quality boron fertilizer for dragon head agricultural companies such as Yuanlongpin Stock Shared Co. Ltd. Of Agricultural High-tech (High Basic Boron Contents Series), Yahua Seed Co. Ltd. InHunanProvince(Kaia Boron Series), Xiyangyang Agricultural Materials Chain Co. Ltd. (UN Series), NongjiafuCo.Ltd. Of Anhui Huishang Group (Bossa Series), Ruifengda Agricultural Materials Co. Ltd. InHubeiProvince(Sa Le Series), Guoguang Agricultural Co. Ltd. In Sichuan Province, Xinda Co. Ltd. In Xinjiang, Hongtaiyang Group inNanjingand Niannianfu Modern Agriculture Co. Ltd. InAnhuiProvince(You Sa Series) etc., even the supplier of boron fertilizer procurement for county governments. Our company will make great contribution to supply more and better quality micro-elements fertilizers for agricultural materials companies especially agricultural materials chain companies.  

      Our Company has registered 15 trademarks such as “Polymerization Boron”, “Boronmore”,“StrongBor”, “BorZinc”,  “Polymerization of Boron and Potassium”, “Pellets Food”, “Ke Li Peng”, “Sa Le”, “KeNy”, “Bosa”, “YouSa”, “Double Buds” ,"Jin Zhen","Gan Zhen"and “NW” and rights of use have been protected by national law.

      Our company will continuously import advanced technologies from home and abroad, speed up R&D of know-how, know well in tendency of new technologies, promote technological strength, provide cheap and fine quality products for the requirements of agricultural production.

      Integrity-based, Quality First and Farmer Served are our targets.

      Selection of Nongwang and Good Harvest are our willingness.  

      Using Fine Seeds and Fertilizers and Less Expenses for Good Harvest are our hope.  

      Finding Nongwang for Better Fertilizers, Approval of Good Harvest and Prosperous are your selection.

      Imported Raw Materials Patent Technologies Quality Insurance.